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How to Become a Data Scientist

Summary:If you are wondering how to become a Data Scientist or what that title really means, try these insights.

I got started in data science way back.I’ve been a commercial predictive modeler since 2001 and as naming trends have changed I now identify myself as a Data Scientist.No one gave me this title.But by observing the literature, the job listings, and my peers in the field it was clear that Data Scientist communicated most clearly what my knowledge and experience have...

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Amazon: BI Engineer, Worldwide Advertising

Company: Amazon
Location: Seattle, WA
Web: www.amazon.com

The opportunity
Amazon Clicks will be launching a new product offering, extending the existing platform to address a sizable opportunity. This is an opportunity to be part of the founding of a global product with the potential for explosive growth, standing at the interaction of e-commerce and advertising.

About Amazon Clicks
Amazon is one of the world's most highly trafficked sites and the delivery of relevant advertising...

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Big Data Job Hunting: Unconventional Advice

Yes, mere IT mortals can land big data jobs. Consider these expert strategies to get your foot in the door.

10 Powerful Facts About Big Data
10 Powerful Facts About Big Data
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Shiny new trends present opportunities to IT pros who feel stuck in a career rut. I remember in 2007 meeting a lot of people willing to do whatever it took to brand themselves cloud experts. Big data is the undisputed shiny trend in IT right now, but it presents some special challenges for...

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